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Ascertaining the Real Value of Your Sales Manager?

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What is the value of your sales leader to your business? A question that many CEOs consider when they are looking at lack lustre results or high staff turnover in sales. This blog post is a little confronting as it may hit some home truths, but it will certainly give CEOs something to ponder.

Recently I was sitting in a client executive meeting where a sales leader was reporting on their team’s performance for the last calendar year. The financial report demonstrated 94% achievement of sales goals and a reduction in profit margins. There was a staff churn rate of 27%. All having a cost to the business, directly and indirectly.

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Sales managers high exposure to unfair dismissal

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At some point in time a company will unfortunately be faced with an unfair dismissal claim. That exposure is increased significantly when it comes to sales employees.

A recent survey by Sales Focus International discovered 86% of companies embraced a sales management style that was a breeding ground for receiving complaints about bullying or unfair dismissal from sales employees.

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