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How Good is Your Organisation’s Sales Strategy?

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For many companies end of financial year or the end of an important quarter milestone has just passed. The quality of your strategy is laid bare for review at these important timelines and you need to consider your strategies effectiveness and make adjustments if necessary.

The test for any strategy’s effectiveness is how well it is understood internally by the organisation and not just focus on the end result of the impact it has on the company’s market position and profitability. If your company is not delivering your strategy, it may not necessarily be because you have a poor strategy.

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Refreshing Sales Strategy

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The need for change in sales organizations is often left to start well after the time it really should have been instigated. The business may well have stagnated and is in a distressed state. You may have been hit sideways by competitors who had re-invented themselves post the global financial crisis. Whatever the catalyst you have made the decision to make the changes. You just have to hope it is all not too late which is often the case. Rapid transformation now becomes the requirement.

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