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Increased transparency of the sales organisation performance, leads to improved decision-making.

The lack of transparency in the sales organisation is a common problem but can be easily resolved. In this interview with Adele Crane, she discusses:

  • The challenges CEOs and board members face with their sales organisation
  • How traditional thinking is too narrow and lacks sufficient transparency into sales organisation performance
  • Insights into why 78% of sales leaders fail to deliver over sales goals results
  • How to change your expectations of your sales leader
  • How business thinking from operations and finance areas is now being applied to sales organisations
  • Understanding sales force effectiveness and its broader coverage of 24 primary categories and 150 sub categories
  • Why structure and process has been poorly adopted by sales leaders

Importantly, CEOs can shift to their business to having hard factual answers on what sales leaders are making their decisions on. Click on the audio file below to listen to this interview now.


Adele conducts in-depth reviews of sales organisations to improve their performance and gain greater understanding of what should be expected from this revenue contributing area of your business. Revenue Improvement Reviews demonstrate to CEO’s how to grow their organisation and gain the transparency for improved decision-making.

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