Latest Thinking

Our consultancy is based on over two decades of experience and extensive research and study from across the globe. We bring to you contemporary thinking of how sales and marketing organisations excel in today’s competitive world.


Adele Crane has authored two books that are considered by CEOs has handbooks for delivering results.

Building the Most Effective Sales Force in the World: the era post the global financial crisis

Get Sales Focused: rethinking and revolutionising sales forces and sales results.

Filled with case studies and real world experiences, these books can define your thinking and acceptance of behaviours in sales management.

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For two decades we have conducted research into the behaviours and best practice standards of sales leaders. We provide you with in-depth reports of trends, changes and benchmarks you can use in defining your own sales organisations performance.

One of our most noted research papers is “The Changing Expectations of Sales Managers” where we clarified the performance standards and expertise of sales managers in today’s world and their ability to deliver results.

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Adele Crane delivers high impact interview on the performance of sales organisations. Short to the point and highly informative for CEOs moving to a more contemporary sales organisation.

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