Sales Research and Studies

Over the past two decades, Adele Crane’s international consultancy firm,  Sales Focus International, provided CEOs with the core information assisting them to make informed decisions in relation to their sales organisations.

Now working directly with clients, Adele provides you with access to some of the most valued research completed by her consultancy. Research that has become the cornerstone to human capital, business process and knowledge to improve sales effectiveness by surveying hundreds of CEOs, directors and board members to learn the challenges they see as most critical. Studies of sales leaders and develop best practice to create benchmarks for sales force effectiveness.

We also review offerings from other providers to retain our position as the experts on options for CEOs.

Adele has written three well received and acclaimed books, numerous articles and case studies, speaks at conferences and shares what we’ve learned with executives like you.

Here a just a few popular studies from our past research. Please also click on the link to review the books available.

2012 Are you prepared for 2013 and beyond?

This is a timeless research paper that will assist companies for the coming decade.

As company sales forces are often the primary source of revenue generation, a subset of questions put to CEOs about their preparedness for 2013 and beyond provides some valuable insight into sales leaders’ ability to deliver. The research study and survey not only show how sales leaders are responding to directives from their CEOs but also uncovers some disturbing trends within sales organisations. There is a definite chasm between the expectations held by CEOs and sales leaders’ capability to deliver. This research paper includes a matrix for high level analysis of your sales forces effectiveness.

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2009 Changing Expectations of Sales Management Performance

This is a timeless research paper that will assist companies for the coming decade and beyond

In 2009 Sales Focus International undertook extensive research into the performance and skill requirements of sales managers to enable organisations grow. It has been hailed by CEOs as one of the most important pieces of research and information they have read as it answers many of the questions they have in relation to the sales business within their company. This research has become a benchmark of what CEOs expect of their sales management. This research is an important tool in company’s development plans for structure, human capital and transitioning from small to mid-size organisations.

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2005 Managing Sales Force Knowledge

With the emergence in the last decade of a plethora of business IT solutions, particularly Customer Relationship Management (CRM), much has been made of the opportunity for your company to leverage a previously under-utilised asset: the records of all customer interaction with your organisation and knowledge typically held by salespeople in all aspects of their role.

Many companies have attempted to implement CRM and other knowledge management tools, but have reported unsatisfactory results. An opportunity exists to maximise the benefits of the system by integrating it more closely with the sales process. The key is how that can be achieved.

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2004 The Risky Business of Relationship Selling

Buzzwords come and go in sales marketing. ‘Relationship Selling’ emerged in the past decade to represent a sales method emphasizing the friendly relations between the salesperson and the customer. Many companies have trained their sales forces in the method and continue to rely on this being a mainstay of their sales culture. Some have had success, many have not. Evidence is growing that Relationship Selling is fraught with fundamental weaknesses. This research explores the impact of creating a mantra of relationship selling without underpinning it with the right skill set.

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2004 The Directors Survey of Sales Forces in Australia

In previous Directors research it was identified that companies needed to reprioritise their focus as the markets increased their momentum through the development of improved sales disciplines and processes. The business models were showing signs of movement from product driven organisations to sales driven cultures, which in turn bring about the flexibility required to meet the ever-changing market places.

Revisiting the research of the 1990s the buoyant market has disguised the requirement for change for many organisations and there is a great distance now between the competitive of sales driven organisations and those remaining product driven. This research explores the impact of hiring, compensation, sales cultures, management styles and reporting.

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