Revenue Improvement Solutions

Achieving Revenue Improvement requires different tactics depending on your companies’ culture and appetite for change and improvement.

What we do know is that the five steps of revenue improvement must be integrated across your company to create the catalyst for improvement. How the results are achieved can differ from company to company. For some companies, a slower approach is more digestible and realistic, for others, immediacy is required.

Please explore the following improvement services, and we can discuss what fits best for your company.

Download your complimentary copy of Revenue Improvement Review booklet and start the conversation in your business.

Revenue Improvement Review

Can our business grow? How much can it increase now using existing resources? What do we need to do to make it happen? CEO/MDs often say that they have difficulty gaining satisfactory answers to these questions in the sales and marketing area of their business. They are often further frustrated by the sales and marketing organisation’s failure to deliver their strategy in a timely manner, at or above planned revenue levels. Through the review process we answer those questions for you through the following five-stage solution for revenue improvement:

  1. Understand the company
  2. Conduct an in-depth review and analysis of sales and marketing
  3. Document the findings for you and make recommendations of actions to take
  4. Identify the business case for improvement
  5. Assist in stakeholder engagement

Revenue Improvement Intensive Public Workshop

Companies can have highly engaged stakeholders who are experienced with implementation of new processes and methodologies. They seek the new knowledge and project flow for them to drive the business to the next level. The intensive four-day off-site workshop can be the best approach for those thirsting the knowledge of what to implement. These workshops are demanding and require all stakeholders present as we work through the revenue improvement methodology. Learn more about the workshop

Revenue Improvement Monthly Programme

The program is designed to assist companies that seek some project structure and guidelines and work through each phase of the improvement process. Typically, the companies take a measured approach to change and work through each of the stages providing time to learn and implement. The seek support outside of the structured program days to reaffirm information, discuss challenges and ensure the processes are implemented to a standard that maximises results. Over a six-month period, the program provides six full-day program days with all stakeholders. Throughout the month support is provided as required to achieve the desired revenue improvement.

Revenue Improvement Consultancy

Companies that have a need for immediacy may have cultural challenges of resistance and need an experienced lead to drive the business outcomes, draw on full consultancy. Consultancy only occurs following a revenue improvement review and agreed priorities and outcomes are identified.

Next Steps

Download the eBook  A Guide for Revenue Improvement.

Its a great workbook taking you through the steps if you are considering implementing a Revenue Improvement Programme, whether as a workshop or in-house programme, or consultancy.

Or, take the next step and discuss your specific situation with Adele Crane.